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Solar Panel Tracker: An Essential Part of Solar Photovoltaic System

Solar panel trackers are the devices which rotate solar panels towards the sun across the day. The usage of solar panel tracker is in commercial solar farms; nevertheless, they stay creative for residential use as they can be really costly to install. The solar array can be protected by the integrated monitoring systems from unfavourable climatic conditions like heavy snowfall or high winds.


Time tracking appears so easy but it’s a great way of getting the most benefit of your solar panels. A solar panel tracker is a device which follows the sun for capturing its energy. Many devices have been made for tracking the sun but these are costly.


Although solar tracking system has been commercially used for many years, there has always been the requirement of an alternative, as it can be costly. Solar Trackers increase the amount of time solar panels generate power by facing the sun.

Thus, rather than using the device which moves while the sun does, there is also the concept of programming the panel for moving with time, for reducing the costs.


Additional hours of power can be found via an attachment of solar panels. You just need to select times across the day and the panels will be targeted to precisely where the sun is positioned. Solar panel tracker will be waiting there for when the sun comes back out if it is behind the clouds.


Efficiency of solar panel trackers:


Solar Tracking Systems can provide with marginal advantages in the winter and substantial advantages in the summer and total are said to supply up to 40% more electricity than a static array yearly.


Functions of solar trackers:


Active trackers move the panels along 1 or 2 axis using motors and software for turning the array towards the sun. Passive trackers depend on the sun for heating a liquid contained in the canisters on the array’s slides. As the uncovered canisters heat up, the liquid extends into a gas, pushing the rest of the heavier liquid to the covered canister, moving weight to that side of the array leading it to rotate.


Price of solar trackers:


Sometimes, the extra price can’t be balanced by the extended income. In several cases, it could be lesser expensive to easily add more solar panels. Nevertheless, it can be benefit considering tracking for bigger ground-arrays for prolonging output from a provided space, or while the largest power demand happens in the summer; for instance, for heating a swimming pool or powering air conditioning.


Are solar panel trackers relevant for you?


Solar panel trackers are perfectly used on uncovered ground arrays. Nevertheless, additionally, they can be utilised on flat surface of the roofs. As solar panel trackers are more typically utilised in commercial settings as well as homes with large areas of land in more remote areas, you will definitely need to consult the expert installers as to whether a solar tracking system is relevant for your home or not.